I entered competitions everyday for a month. What did I win?

I’ve always been interested in entering competitions, even as a child I’d try my luck entering competitions to win toys in magazines like ‘Mizz’ and ‘Top Of The Pops’. Although, rarely successful, I did once win a High School Musical bundle which excited me greatly as a 12 year old with a Zac Efron obsession. Last month, I stumbled across an article about a lady who had given up work to become a full time comper, someone who enters competitions regularly as a hobby. In this article the woman explained how she’d won £30,000 worth of prizes by spending just two hours a week entering competitions online whilst watching TV. Obviously, I had to give this a go!

The following day I began my mission. Initially, I used websites such as Loquax and The Prize Finder to scour the web for big ticket prizes such as cars, holidays and gadgets. This became tedious pretty quickly as it was a lot of effort with no immediate return. So, I did some further research. I quickly learnt that I was looking in all the wrong places and the real opportunities could be found on social media sites. I spent the next few days entering competitions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and lo and behold… The prizes came rolling in! Please see the list of prizes below with pictures.


  • Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick + ColourPop Highlight Duo (YouTube: Bobbie Briscoe)
  • A Beauty Blender (Facebook: Benecos UK)
  • Orange Nail Varnish (Facebook: Charles Michies Pharmacy)
  • Neon Hair Chalk (Facebook: Hair Chalk UK)
  • Cocktail Making Kit (Facebook: Grand Cocktail and Barware Gadgets)


Hair chalk set

Cocktail Shaker

  • A Gardening Bundle (Facebook: All About The Boys)
  • Goals Notebook (Twitter: @inspiredbydeano)
  • Budgeting Notebook, Sticky Notes (Twitter: @KateEvansMusic)
  • £25 Amazon Voucher (Facebook: Endsleigh Insurance) 
  • Twerk Pong Game (Twitter: @FindMeAGift)
  • Magic Sequin Cushion (Facebook: The Magic Gift Shop)
  • Emoji Cushion (Twitter: @VirginGames)
  • Bangkok Airways Cushion (Facebook: Bangkok Airways)
  • Fitness Tracker Book and Gym Top (Twitter: @fiitstylecoach)
  • A Light-Up Message Board (Twitter: @VirginGames)
  • £50 Worth of TastyBone Dog Toys (Twitter: @TastyBone_UK)

Smiley Emoji Cushion

Amazon gift card

Gardening Bundle (2)

Additional Wins

  • £50 Voucher for Everything5Pounds.com
  • A Caspar Floatie (Inflatable Mattress for your Garden/Pool)
  • Budweiser T-Shirt
  • Selection of Indian Sweets from iBaklava
  • Everything Branded bundle: Water Bottle, Torch, Travel Mug, Pens
  • Mini Portable Phone Fan
  • A Football
  • England Flag and T-Shirt

If you want to see more photos of the above prizes visit the ‘Gallery’ tab!

In 30 days I managed to win over £350 worth of prizes, not bad for a beginner. The whole process has been a lot of fun and I will continue to enter competitions daily! I would encourage everyone to have a go because as they say, you have to be in it to win it and it really doesn’t take much effort! I will be updating my blog each month with a new post showing you what I’ve won, if you’re interested please visit again. Additionally, I thought it would only be fair to host my own competition- please find this under the ‘Competitions’ tab.

Good luck everyone!