September 2018 Competition Winnings! Everything Pink for Prague?

It was another fun month of entering competitions, however, this month we seemed to have a trend… PINK! Many of the prizes I won this month were pink as you will see in the pictures below. I also won my biggest prize yet, 2 tickets to TRANSMISSION Festival in Prague (flights + hotel included) from VO5 Styling UK. I was so ecstatic and shocked to have won something like this as I often hear about people winning trips abroad but never thought it’d be me. I’m very grateful of VO5 for choosing me as their lucky winner. I’m running another giveaway this month which can be found at the end of this blog post, good luck to all who enter! Please read on to see what I won in the month of September. (All pictures of prizes can be found under the ‘Gallery’ Tab.)


  • 2x TRANSMISSION Festival Tickets with Flights + Hotel Included (Instagram: @vo5)
  • 2 Course Meal at Bath Restaurant AQUA (Online: Total Guide to Bath)
  • ‘I Feel Pretty’ DVD (Twitter: @unitedbypop)
  • Fairy Lights, Face Jewels and Photo Frame (YouTube: Madeleine Elizabeth)
  • ‘The Nun’ Movie Bundle (Twitter: @CelebMix)
  • ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ Movie Bundle (Twitter: Cannot Find Prize Giver)
  • Biomaster Microfibre Cloth (Twitter: @BathOut)
  • Collapsible Colander (Facebook: OXO UK)
  • Pink Clutch Bag (Facebook: Swanky Swans)
  • Face Masks Bundle (Instagram: @LatestinBeauty)
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste (Facebook: Wisdom) 
  • Slush Puppy Cup (Facebook: Slush Puppy UK)

image8 (1)image4



image2 (2)



This months giveaway prize: Along Came Betty Heavenly Bath Soak x 2 and Creamy Shower Wash.

Enter via this Link: Along Came Betty Bath Products GIVEAWAY



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39 thoughts on “September 2018 Competition Winnings! Everything Pink for Prague?

  1. Been wearing pink too, but for a different reason. For breast cancer awareness 💗

    Would love if you could give my blog post a read and a comment please 🍂🍁


  2. wow! i’m doing competitions at the moment, trying to do some every day but life gets in the way, fingers crossed I win something for the efforts, a lot of what I’m entering is for xmas pressies!

    Nice to see people getting results though! Sometimes I do wonder if some of the competitions I find are just for promotional purposes and don’t actually give anything away as they never seem to do the draw….


  3. great to see so many results from the hard work you put in comping! I’ve just started so hopefully i’ll win something soon for xmas pressies 😀


  4. Wow this is a fab giveaway! Glad I came across your blog! Lots of interesting reads and inspiration! I’m a girly girl too and absolutely love pink!


  5. You’ve done really well! Congrats! I love comping, been doing it years, no one ever believes me when I say what can happen!


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